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Norton 360 compatibility with Microsoft Edge

I have just bought a new laptop which runs Windows 10. Having installed Norton 360, when using Edge for browsing, I got a message saying Norton and Edge aren't compatible, suggesting I use IE - no thanks! The message only popped up once and never again. This is very confusing as my Norton status states that I am protected for security, performance and identity as you would expect - so is there an issue or not? I have tried using Chrome as an alternative but it is slow in comparison to Edge. I certainly can't use IE as that is very very slow. Please help!   

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Re: Norton 360 compatibility with Microsoft Edge

Hello Basse. If the laptop has not gotten the latest updates and is not at least up to the Creators Update the Edge extension will not work. Please see this article. Make sure you are logging into the laptop under an account with admin privileges and it has updated to at least version 1703 of Windows 10.


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Re: Norton 360 compatibility with Microsoft Edge


Please make sure there is no free trial security program that came with your new Laptop. If there is one, please remove it with the removal tool from that other security program and then restart before installing your Norton program. Also, please turn off Fast  Startup in Power Options.

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Re: Norton 360 compatibility with Microsoft Edge

Microsoft edge is a new browser option available for the user but it will launch to configure on window 10. It is a modern browser similar to crome and Mozilla. It has higher speed test compare to other browsers as available. One big default o browser that it doesn't give extension option on the browser.  Norton Antivirus is asking users to switch their default browser to something other than Edge because of its lack of extensions. extension give feature from adblock to security. norton has also an extension service which protects from phishing and other risky sites. You can still choose to use Edge as much as you’d like and have it as your default browser but only after this warning from Norton.

They will give an extension in their browser but it was not rollout with window 10 but still, we are able to use Norton security with an alert message.

Thank you...

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