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Norton 360 Deluxe & Norton Utilities Ultimate

Having to do a re-install onto my system after system board and hard drive are replaced next week. 

Old OS; Win 10

New OS Win 11

I can see I have 5 subscritions to Norton Deluxe, so when I download the Norton 360 Deluxe, will it ALSO automatically download the Norton Utilities Ultimate or do I need to use the 2nd key provided to install the Utilities Ultimate? 

Am so far pleased with both and want to make sure this will work without being charged extra for something. 




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Re: Norton 360 Deluxe & Norton Utilities Ultimate

As your are replacing system, and, in particular, the HD which holds system, ID etc. for the computer, I assume Norton will will treat this a a NEW computer and will require that you have subscriptions in hand. In a case like this, if already using all 5, I would go into my Norton account and delete the particular device in question from those listed. With Norton 360 Deluxe, download & install as normal & it should add that as a new device automatically. Do not have Utilities, but as that is also subscription, assuming that would work the same.


Re: Norton 360 Deluxe & Norton Utilities Ultimate

Thank you for the great reply!  Will go ahead with the install next week.

Happy Labor Day!


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