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Norton 360 Deluxe - VPN option missing from non Admin accounts

when logging in as another user the VPN options are missing since recent software upgrade



Re: Norton 360 Deluxe - VPN option missing from non Admin accounts

Same issue here. The advice given by Norton support does not address this. VPN only works for the user that installed Norton.

Sorry for the rant below, but Norton also needs to get someone that understands the Mac.

All the instructions they offer for enabling the VPN refer to using the password for "the administrator account" when answering the IKEv2 access question. IT IS NOT ASKING FOR YOUR ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD! READ THE DIALOG, PLEASE. IT IS ASKING FOR YOUR PASSWORD TO ENABLE ACCESS TO YOUR LOGIN KEYCHAIN WHERE IT IS STORING THE INFORMATION IT NEEDS. IT IS ALSO NOT ASKING AT THAT POINT FOR AN ADMINISTRATOR USERNAME - which should be a real tip off that it's asking for your login password, not "the administrator".

And there is no "administrator account". It is a user with an administrator privileges. It is possible to install Norton from a non-administrator account as long as you know an account for an administrator.

The instructions do not seem to fix users being able to access Norton Secure VPN other than the user that installed the product.

As a professed security company, it should be obvious to Norton that users should not be running day to day activities from an account that has administrator privileges. To expect Norton 360 to not work correctly unless you are logged in with an administrator account is foolish.

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