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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton 360 Deluxe VPN Speed/Loading Issue

Hi Guys,

I have the Norton 360 Deluxe with VPN. I also have a stand-alone VPN (AirVPN). On speedtest site I get speeds of between 75Mb/sec to 100Mb/sec with AirVPN. These speeds are similar without using a VPN. With NortonVPN, I get between 35Mb/sec to 75Mb/sec according to that speed site. Even as low as 35Mb/sec would not be a problem for me. But even at those speeds the NortonVPN loads pages so slowly, that at times it feels like I'm on dial-up connection. Even 35Mb/sec speed should be fast enough for general browsing. I am not using both VPN's together. I have tried previous suggestions, like switch server locations or select "auto select" server, but to no avail. I'm using current up-to-date version of Windows. I tried switching off "Ad Blocker" via the VPN setting thinking that might be slowing things down, as its blocking all ads/tracking cookies before loading the pages, but was unable to. Don't know if that would even make a difference. I'm in the UK on Virgin broadband, and as far as I'm aware, they don't throttle VPN providers. Well, I don't have a problem with AirVPN.

If anyone can suggest any solutions I could try, I'd greatly appreciate it.



Re: Norton 360 Deluxe VPN Speed/Loading Issue

Guys, if it helps anyone, disabling the above (Ad Tracking from Norton Secure VPN setting) works for me. As I use Ad Block Plus on my browser and have configured settings from browser settings to my liking, there's really no need for this to be on. Pages are generally loading the same as before. I switched it on at some point and it was still working okay. I think issue may be when certain servers get a high workload. I have "Auto-select" for location, but if ever it slows down or pages don't load, I switch to Belgium, etc, and then back to "auto-select". All pages load the same as before, even when I'm not getting the full bandwidth provided by my ISP. As long as you're getting between 35MBs and above, all should be good and acceptable for general browsing.

Not realistic to expect 200 to 1000MB/s from an all-in-one program that is generally cheaper than alternative internet security software. If you really want your full bandwidth, then invest in a stand-alone VPN that don't throttle.

All-in-ones are never better than stand-alone products. Generally true for all products. Including washing machines/dryers.

Getting a constant speed between 60 to 100MB/s. That's good enough for me. If you have 1000MB/s from ISP, then 400+MB/s should be good enough for you. That should still let you download a 4k movie in under a minute. You pay extra to get that speed to your ISP, not to Norton. I think we need to be realistic for an all-in-one product. IMHO.

Good day. Hope that info/tip helps you guys.  

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