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Norton 360 Dulux

I have been told by Norton that my present subscription for Norton 360 Dulux is only designed to take 3 devices. I have read on this forum that other people are having 5 devices under the Dulux subscription. Due to a VPN issue on one of my Mac's, I have this Mac (my 4th device) using Norton 360 Premium, and using the VPN app. It has taken Norton 12 months to finally accept that they can't fix the issue on having more than one MacBook running VPN in conjunction with the Norton 360 Dulux. Can anybody out there explain whether I should continue using Dulux for 4 devices or move over to Premium? I'm operating system on the 4th device with the VPN problem is Ventura 13.5.1

Also just as a footnote on very poor customer service, I have experienced this during the period of the last 12 months, and quite frankly it never gets any better!

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Re: Norton 360 Dulux

What is your geo-location/country?

Norton 360 subscription number of devices - features - entitlements may vary by geo-location/country. 

Do you have an active Norton 360 Premium subscription and an active Norton 360 Deluxe subscription?

What is your Norton 360 Premium subscription expiry date?
What is your Norton 360 Deluxe subscription expiry date? 

Maybe, Norton Official Support will transfer days from your Deluxe sub to your Premium subscription. 

Norton 360 Deluxe - United States
Protection for 5 PCs, Macs, tablets, or smartphones.

Norton 360 Premium - United States
Norton 360 Premium offers protection for up to 10 PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets


Re: Norton 360 Dulux

My country is New Zealand

Expiry date for Duluxe is sep 11, 2023

Expiry date for Premium is Jan 06, 2024

I am waiting for Norton Level 2 to contact me by phone to sort this out, as they set it up temporality whilst they tried to fix the VPN issue.


Re: Norton 360 Dulux


What problems are you having on your mac with VPN?
The number of Mac's using VPN on a subscription is irrelevant, it's about the individual device and the installation on it. 
Are you getting the message to allow your VPN on your mac (after installing Norton?)
Did you use RMAC appropriately?

As far as I can see on the New Zeeland Norton site, Premium is for 5 devices so if you have four you should continue with that one.


Re: Norton 360 Dulux

Yes carried out RMAC correctly. I have one Mac device using OS BigSur, the other Ventura. Only one device is using the built in VPN, the other VPN app.

In New Zealand Duluxe can only support 3 devices, so when this expires soon, the 3 will be transferred to Premium.

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