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Norton 360 Error 8504:104 - Error message on Windows XP Professional platform

Couple of months ago I did a clean reinstall of Windows XP in my PC. Use Norton 360

Needless to say that there is one error message that keeps me bothering like this

Norton 360 Error 8504:104.

Summary .exe  Entry point not found.

It was not possible to find point of entry of the process VSSFreeSnapshotPropertiesInternal in the dynamic link library VSSAPI.DL

Autocorrection. The Norton Autocorrection could not analyse your computer to find commom problemsL


Or in Portuguese I copy and paste the description of the error message:

Summary .exe Ponto de Entrada não encountered.

Não foi possivel localizar o ponto de entrada do procedimento VSSFreeSnapshotPropertiesInternal  na biblioteca de vínculo dinâmico VSSAPI.DLL


Does anyone can help me.

PS:Not very happy with Norton 360 your product brought me some customer unwanted experience  that lead us as customers to rethink about finding new brands or suppliers.

Regards,Windows XP SP3,Norton 360. version 20.04.40



Re: Norton 360 Error 8504:104 - Error message on Windows XP Professional platform

Try clicking on Support - Get Support to run  Autofix to check your Norton installation and fix what it finds.

If that does not fix anything, try clearing the files from Windows temp directory. Then locate the C:/Windows/Prefetch folder and delete all the files there. Run LiveUpdate and restart your computer.

See if that helps.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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