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Norton 360 failed

This is a copy of the letter that I sent to nortonmanagers@support01.norton.com, several days no response.


After 5 sessions with Norton Tech Support, I still have the original problem where every time I shut down the computer a program not responding box appears with a program name of a 3 digit hex number.  Such as: 140, 1c0, 3cc, 3ac, 8fc, mmc with an end now.  On the web this is reported as mal-ware but no solutions.  As you must know from my previous e-mails, your techs told me that they could fix this, but the result was they destroyed my computer.  They deleted many programs that I will have to reinstall and than leaving me with a computer that would load no device drivers.  After hours of working with your techs and then them finally dumping me, than hours on the web, I finally found that the first technician had shut off: workstation, server, and plug and play services.  Once I turned them back on the machine started working again.  I found several other services that I needed to turn back on to get other processes to work.  I do not know what I will find in the future.  One would think that a company that works with computers every day and has the knowledge to shut off these services would know enough to turn them back on when I described the problem to them.  It is a mystery that this level of incompetence exists at Norton.  At this point, I have now spent 15 hours of my time on this machine to get it working again and probably another 12 or so hours to bring it back to the condition it was when I first called your company.  You can be sure I will make public the level of incompetence I experienced with Norton.  I have been a customer for many years and this is my first experience with direct support.  This has been truly a horrible experience.  In the end, I still have the mal-ware only now it is loading twice.  You managed to get more money out of me and I have wasted a tremendous amount of time. 

Please help

sent 4/5/2011

Now it gets worse.

I tried after rebuilding my machine to recover my data and found that Backup Set marked the day before my first call "4/3/2011" has data from a year ago. I got on line with tech support {Removed} and they told me that "that is all there is and they are sorry but I'm out of luck". No explanation, nothing that they could find that I had done wrong.  It would appear that Norton 360 just was joking when it said "you are protected your important files are backed up".  The tech actually told me that "I needed to back up important data" I told him that I was aware of that and that I had purchased a product called Norton 360 just so I could feel safe about my data! And asked him if he thought that would be sufficent.

 So here I am screwed! Beware

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