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Norton 360 fails to backup. I get the message "backup of your files and folders has failed.

The DETAILS are "There is a backup problem. Make sure the destination drive or device is connected and then try again." My destination device is a Western Digital Elements 1.5 TB external hard drive. I can copy files to it with no problems. I have run live update successfully and then tried backup again, but the backup operation still fails.  What can I try next? I do not have a disk with Norton 360 on it.



Re: Norton 360 fails to backup. I get the message "backup of your files and folders has failed.

Hi PhantomPhlier.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

N 360 backup can sometimes throw a wobbly for whatever reason.  Fortunately it is normally fairly easy to get things sorted out.  Let us hope that is so in your case.

A few questions to help get a better understanding.

Has this backup run successfully before?  If yes roughly how many times and when was the last do you think?  Again, if yes do you know how large the backup folder is on your backup drive?

How was the backup set to run, was it Automatic, Weekly, Monthly or Manual?  

Do you know roughly how large the backup was supposed to be?

Is the backup drive always attached to the computer and is it by wire or WiFi?

If you have previously run the backup successfully try selecting the "restore" option and see if you can select a file on the backup set for restore.  No need to go through with the process it is just to test that there is some connectivity between the drive and the device.

I look forward to hearing back from you.


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