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Norton 360 - Identity Safe Unable to Login


For the last four days, I have been unable to sign in to my Identity Safe Vault. I have tried everything I can think of to resolve it, but still unable to do so.

I have the latest version of Norton 360, according to the Norton site when I click to check to make sure it is up-to-date. I use the idendity safe toolbar on both Firefox 21 and Internet Explorer 10, but neither will let me login.

It first started four days ago and I cannot think of any reason why it would of signed me out and then not let me sign back in. The day before it was working fine, but when logging in to my computer the next day, it had signed me out. Whenever I try to sign back in, it mostly tells me that I am supplying the wrong details, then other times, it is telling me that the server is busy and to try again later.

My renewel is not due for another month, so everything I have is completely up-to-date with the latest versions and patches applied. I have used Norton Utilities also to make sure the compter is running to the best it can. Therefore, I am really unable to figure this one out.

Please could you help?

Kindest regards,


p.s. I have attached a quick screenprint of the message for reference.

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Re: Norton 360 - Identity Safe Unable to Login

Hi Raabob,


You're not alone on this. I looked at your screenshot and it's very familiar with the others being posted. There is a long running thread on this starting about June 13 to the present.


Click here .. Unable to access Identity Safe and read through the thread and posts. For many the hotfix released fixed their issue, for others it didn't. You might want to post in there on your issue.


Have you Manually run LiveUpdate as many times as necessary until it responds with 'No Updates Found'.. rebooting the computer after.


It's not a fix, but see if you can login to the web portal, using your Norton Account credentials where your sites are online .. https://identitysafe.norton.com


See if you can login to your vault to access your sites from there, by clicking Visit Site on the enlarged thumbnailed images.





Re: Norton 360 - Identity Safe Unable to Login

From the thread Ed noted, there is a workaround to get access again. See the post from John Mead, a Symantec employee.   http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Toolbar-Norton-Identity/Unable-to-access-Identity-Safe/m-p/976993/highlight/true#M11516

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Norton 360 - Identity Safe Unable to Login


Thanks to you both for your responses.

I had not read previously that there were similar issues: I had originally posted this in the Norton 360 thread, which obviously does not contain the appropriate discussions.

With regards to my issues discussed above. I have tried manually updating my Norton 360 until it no longer says there are any updates. I do this everytime a new update comes out for Firefox anyway (it must be annoying for you guys each time they update they product).

The link suggested for the identitysafe web portal, I can login to with my credentials, which does mean that atleast I can access my passwords, given that I have developed a reliance on the identitysafe vault and having a different password for everything I access online. So, thank you for that one.

The workaround suggested, I had a look at, but from what I read, that is for Norton Internet Security and I have Norton 360; therefore the directions to turn off tamper protection etc are not the same and I cannot find out how to do that. However, with the access I have to the web portal. I can, atleast, access what I need to and there is no urgency.

I assume that this problem is being worked upon by the team, so will keep an eye on here and my thread for now. I forgot to add yesterday in this post that I use Windows 8. I dont know if that might help. Also, the hardware was originally Windows 7, which I updated to 8 upon its release in 2012. I know it might be totally irrelevant, but you never know if it is that which is suddenly causing the issues.

Thanks again.

Kindest regards,


Accepted Solution

Re: Norton 360 - Identity Safe Unable to Login

Just to close this thread off and mark as "solved". Please see how I resolved the issue here

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