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Norton 360 latest update

I have an older Dell Dimension 8300 with Windows XP that is still my main workhorse computer, until I can get everything I use daily transferred to my new Dell (and functioning properly).  In the meantime I am still getting, and paying for, updates to Norton 360 on this old Dell.  The latest update came, for some reason, set up already to do housekeeping chores that I really don't want it messing with.  Example, Disk Optimization.  I cannot let Norton perform this task because even when set to the "recommended" Automatic it takes total control of so much processor power that it makes using just about anything else impossible.  When running in the "background" any other task you may try to do (ex. deleting a file in your file manager) will suddenly freeze the PC in mid-operation.  The only thing that functions at that point (fortunately) is the mouse or I'd be having to do yet another hard shut down (hate when that happens).  Norton D.O. WILL NOT let go of the processor long enough to even complete that file delete (or whatever it is you are doing).  I have at that point no choice but to Cancel the D.O. operation, only to discover that that alone takes a good 15 or 20 minutes!  Conclusion: Disk Optimizer as part of Norton 360 is useless!  It does not respond to being set to run at night and absolutely CANNOT be allowed to run while using the computer.  There is therefore NO other time that it can be run.  Whoever wrote that software (probably more than one person) should be terminated and prevented henceforth from ever writing software again for life! ~DWK