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Norton 360, Norton Premium Utilities and Norton Smart Scan

I have Norton 360 and Norton Utilities Premium. I update everything probably too much and run scans the same. After run Smart Scan it tells me that I have numerous items that need to be fixed. So it tries to sell me the one-time fix that is offered. The only problem is that Norton Utilities is supposed to be fixing them when it runs. The same items show up there as listed on the Smart Scan results as being fixed. Running Smart Scan again shows that the problems still exist. Is it just that Norton wants to sell me another service or is it that Norton Utilities is junk?

Thank you.


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Re: Norton 360, Norton Premium Utilities and Norton Smart Scan

The Smart Scan seems to be a marketing tool added to 360. You do not have to purchase anything to fix the items Smart Scan flags. I do not have the feature yet, but you should be able to be able to bypass the advertising some how to get to the  part of Smart Scan that will offer to fix things.

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Re: Norton 360, Norton Premium Utilities and Norton Smart Scan

Please review: 

I already have Norton Utilities Premium (had Norton Utilities 16 also), which I got for Free with Norton 360 auto-renew subscription.

So.. What does Smart Scan (already loaded itself with NO charge, though extra utils were being Marketed for cash) do that Premium Utilities does NOT?

Got Green checks (quickly) on first two parts, but Advanced Issues was STILL running, with NO RESULTS, after Over an HOUR. Doesn't give a CLUE how far into its "job" it is, and when it might be finished. NO Clue as to exactly what it had checked Already, and What it seemed to get "stuck" in. NO CANCEL button. I clicked on HOME Icon, on top, and was asked if I Really wanted to quit, since it was still checking.

I KEEP GETTING ASKED about Norton Utilities Premium, even though I HAVE IT, And Have Been Using it, with Auto settings, for Over a Year.


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