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Norton 360 not appearing in system tray

I installed Norton 360 Premium on a windows 11 laptop (26/12/2022).

The Norton 360 icon does not appear in the system tray. Is there a solution for this?

I can run Norton 360 from the programs menu and the Device Security is green. So I assume Norton is running in the background and all is okay.

In task manager "Norton Security Background Task Host" is suspended. "NortonBridge" and "Runtime Broker" is running.




Re: Norton 360 not appearing in system tray

Have you restarted your computer since the install? Be sure you are using the Restart command. Not Shutdown and startup again if you have Windows Fast Startup feature enabled. If you use Windows 8/8.1, 10 or 11, there can be an issue with the Windows Fast Startup feature.. See more information here.

Also check the hidden icons in the system tray to see if it got placed there. Click the up arrow to the left of the system tray. If you find the icon there, you can just drag it from there into the system tray. 

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