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Norton 360 not catching mal texts

I've  been getting what are clearly pishing texts which Norton 360 is not flagging. It always reports "No risks found". I've checked and re-checked my settings and everything seems correct. Anybody got any ideas?

VITALS: Samsung Galaxy S7. Android Version 8. Norton 360 Version (full license)

Thanks, .... wamnort


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Re: Norton 360 not catching mal texts

Have you turned on the SMS Security setting in 360 Settings > Security, scroll to the bottom.

Are there any links in the texts you say are phishing attempts?

And remember that Norton is only going to catch these messages as they come in. They do not get caught in subsequent scans.


Re: Norton 360 not catching mal texts

Yes, it is on. Yes, there is a link. Got another today, same message, but different link and Norton did not catch it.

My messaging app is stock, standard, Samsung "Messages" version

Enough on this public forum. How do I report ths to Norton?

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