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Norton 360 or Kaspersky internet Security


I'm looking for a good antivirus software and consider from Norton 360 and Kaspersky Internet Security, not sure which one is the best, can anybody advice any experience with both Kaspersky and Norton, maybe some other antivirus solution. Came across with this review article of Norton 360 and comparison with Kaspersky and it looks like Norton is better, any thoughts?


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Re: Norton 360 or Kaspersky internet Security

They are both fine security suites. You can give both a free 30-day trial and see which works best on your computer. This is the Norton forum, so chances are you won't get unbiased recommendations here, much like you won't get unbiased information on the Kaspersky forum either.

Kaspersky is probably the best on the market when it comes to protection, not just compared to Norton but to every other security vendor. They have topped pretty much all independent tests for several years. Kaspersky has been known run heavy and have less than stellar perfomance on some systems, though, while Norton is very light and offers a combination of very good protection and low system impact (Kasperksy runs just fine on most modern systems, though).

I'd suggest you take them both for a spin before you decide to part with your money. Whichever of them you choose in the end, you will get one of the best security suites on the market.


Re: Norton 360 or Kaspersky internet Security

I'd suggest you also look at Norton Internet Security since N360 uses the same security system but adds features and utilities that you may not want ..... or need. NIS usually is less expensive than N360 too.


Re: Norton 360 or Kaspersky internet Security

Hi, Lastantivirus. I agree with Hugh. I have always used NIS, as I have no need for the additional features in 360.

NIS will serve you well, is light on my system, and we also have the benefit of the best user forum around.

That's worth taking into account, when you need help.

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Re: Norton 360 or Kaspersky internet Security

I suggestion do not comparatives Symantec ( most valid and trusty Antivirus company ) with a cheap and new company same kaspersky .

kaspersky is only scam , adv and news company  , no more .

also they can not give support .

many VAD and resellers left kaspersky at these old 4 years .

even some managers left kaspersky becuase many reasons .

few links :


link 2



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Re: Norton 360 or Kaspersky internet Security

You'll find the same thing about Norton, people and companies leaving them because they find it doesn't work well for them.

Kaspersky is not a "new and cheap" company. It was founded in 1997, and has more than 300 million home users and 250,000 corparate clients. Of course some will leave, just the same as with every other security vendor.

As for faulty updates that mess things up for users, that also happens to every company. Including Norton. In 2007 a faulty Norton update messed up 50,000 systems in China. In 2012, a Norton update caused all XP computers with Norton installed to BSOD. http://www.sci-tech-today.com/news/Norton-Delivers-Blue-Screen-to-Some/story.xhtml?story_id=10000B60LMQO

The point is, that can happen to every vendor. Norton is an excellent product, but don't bad-mouth other vendors just because you don't happen to like their product. Your claims about Kaspersky are false in any way.


Re: Norton 360 or Kaspersky internet Security

Does Kaspersky work?  Yes it is really good at what it does.  The big question is do you want your sensitive information in the hands of the Russians?  If you take a look at where the viruses come from,  and the block rates it is kind of suspicious.  This is the big question for av's written in the old Soviet Union, China, India, and so on.  The US companies have done the same thing by partnering with the NSA.  I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but do yo know where your data is going and you give this program free reign in your digital life.  If you look on amazon you can find N360 in the $35-50 range.  You can download the newsest version from Norton and then use the code on a older version.  Just make sure it is the same product...N360, premier, multi-device.



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Re: Norton 360 or Kaspersky internet Security

I agree that Kaspersky IS is a very good product but... I believe that Norton 360 is a faster boot to desktop if you are running 8GB of RAM or less. Both are light otherwise. In all of my testing Norton comes out on top in scan speed. Norton is better at keeping a PC clean if it is already clean when installed. Norton excels at prevention. Why would I care if Kaspersky has slightly higher file detection rates of existing malware if Norton never lets it hit my desktop in the first place. I would say anti-phishing is a draw. I give Norton the slightest edge in 0 day threats. I know Kaspersky's firewall is good and does better than Norton in Matousec's testing. That surprises me because Norton's firewall has been one of the best software firewalls for a very long time. Norton updates more often. Norton's GUI is deeper and more granular. Also, in case you have not seen it yet, the new Norton IS 2015 Beta GUI is a genuine work of art that might just be the best looking PC security GUI I have seen in almost 15 years, while Kaspersky IS 2015 is okay looking, but in comparison is a bit of a plain Jane. Both suites can be found with deep discounts almost any time of the year and not just during the holiday season. I have used both suites and I can honestly say I have never been infected using Norton for close to 7 years. Kaspersky has been on a test PC I have at home and in 5 years I've been infected twice. They are both high end products but I just trust Norton, and that is coming from a guy who is most definitely not a fan boy.

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