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Norton 360 on Parallels/Win7 - what about the Mac OSX 10.6 part?

On my Mac Book Pro I have installed Norton 360 on the Parallels/Win7part which I mainly use for a couple of needed software solutions.

On the Mac OSX 10.6 part I have not installed any antivirus program, if Norton 360 doesn´t operate here too? 

On the OSX part I do most of my work, inkluding e-mail and everyday work with Microsoft office 2011, webbrowsing with Safari, designwork with Adobe CS4 package.

I need suggestions to get the best total coverage of my machine. I have one user left to use on the Norton 360 package if that is of any help to me.

Thankful of all help!


Accepted Solution

Re: Norton 360 on Parallels/Win7 - what about the Mac OSX 10.6 part?

The only security products available at present for the Mac are Norton Internet Security for Mac and Norton AntiVirus for Mac.

The latest Mac versions (NIS 5 and NAV 12) of these products are only compatible with OS X Lion, so you'd need to use NIS 4 for Mac or NAV 11 for Mac to provide protection for OS X 10.6.

Unfortunately, the licensing is currently completely distinct between the PC products and Mac products, so there's no way to take advantage of the one remaining Norton 360 use that's left to you.

Symantec has posted about a Norton One product in development that will be meant to protect all of a user's devices (PC, Mac, and mobile), but it's not expected out until sometime in 2012.

So, for now, the best protection would be Norton Internet Security 4 for Mac.

Hope that helps!

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