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Norton 360 Password Manager: Data has disappeared

I was recently caught by surprise by the switch from the offline Password Manager vault in the Norton App to an online-only browser solution. I have been getting used to using the browser extension, but today I discovered that data is missing (I am using Edge).

All the notes (around 79) that I have in my vault are empty. Only the titles are still there. The text field in the note itself (after I open it by entering my vault password) is empty. I deleted an important one today because when I saw that it was empty I thought I had started a new note without entering any data. I can enter text in the text field, but when I click Save the data is not saved. When I re-open the note, the text field is empty again.

In my Wallet (where I save my credit card info), the credit card numbers and the expiration dates are gone. I can re-enter them, but I have the same problem as with the notes - when I click Save, the information is not saved and when I reopen the wallet file, those fields are empty again.

Am I the only one with this problem? I had an interesting call with Norton Support today. They suggested I write down my credit card information somewhere else or that I use only the login section (which apparently still works) to store everything. 



Re: Norton 360 Password Manager: Data has disappeared

The extension for me on Chrome still works fine. There have been reports here of Edge extension being buggy.

I would remove the Edge extension and reinstall. Also try adding the extension to Chrome and see if the problem is there. Sounds to me like your data is fine but the program itself has problems.


Re: Norton 360 Password Manager: Data has disappeared

Norton Password Manager - Microsoft store

Norton Password Manager - Chrome store

Maybe, add  Edge profile (default settings) and add only Norton Password Manager extension from Microsoft or Chrome test. 

Please try Sign In Norton Password Manager website (home page) > to see your online credentials. 

Users may (now) access Norton Password Manager website (home page) from Norton UI (My Norton or Classic) or from URL

FAQ: Norton Password Manager website
You can conveniently access your Norton Password Manager online vault from any web browser. You can view and edit your website logins, credit card details, notes, and more.


Re: Norton 360 Password Manager: Data has disappeared

FWIW ~ a few items to try.....
Restart (not Shut down) machine -
Norton Secure VPN off -
Clear Edge cookies n' cache -
Edge other extensions off -
Edge built-in password manager off -
Edge Privacy settings off -
Edge InPrivate window off -
Edge Sync off -
Edge System settings off -
Edge Startup boost off -
Edge Continue running background extensions and apps when Microsoft Edge is closed off -
Edge Use hardware acceleration when available off -
Edge Services off -
Edge Reset settings -

Chrome or Firefox -
Norton Password Manager website (home page) -