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Norton 360 Prem. / Norton Utilities Prem.

When I first got Norton Utilities it incorporated itself into my Norton 360 Prem. program.  After a while it disappeared from the Norton 360 menu and has now become a standalone program.  How do I get it back into Norton 360 as an option?  It makes no since to be a standalone program if it's part of Norton.   

Thank for any help you can provide


Accepted Solution

Re: Norton 360 Prem. / Norton Utilities Prem.

The Norton Utilities, NU, is still a standalone program. The Norton 360 interface just gave you another way to access NU. 

There have been some reports here that the 360 interface has an issue with a scroll bar on the right side not working correctly. See if you can click on the bottom of where the scroll bar would be and see if you then see NU showing again.

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