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norton 360 premier 4.01 user 3pc

i bought this norton because of the 3 pc use and i have downloaded it on two of my pcs i was waiting for the third cause i was in the process of buying a new laptop, now i want to download this norton on my new laptop and its telling me i cant use product key cause ive already used three times, which i havent and im not gonna buy a new norton because i shouldnt have to. please resolve this issue for me because i like using norton and want to continue to. thankyou for your time



Re: norton 360 premier 4.01 user 3pc

Hi Vitaravixen,

Welcome to Norton community,

Please contact Symantec Customer Service at the link below, you can chat with them for free; explain the situation to them, and they will be able to help you. please keep your product key ready because they will probably ask for it.
Link:  www.norton.com/chat  ( you may need to scroll down the page to see the chat option)

Or you can talk to any of our customer support executive on phone. This is link for the contact numbers, you can call the number based on your Geographic location  http://www.symantec.com/business/support/contact_techsupp_static.jsp

Please tell us how it goes - thanks :-)



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