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Norton 360 Premier Blocking Thunderbird Email

Norton 360 Premier installed yesterday. Running Windows 7. History log shows Norton is now blocking Mozilla Thunderbird email. History log shows Thunderbird blocked TCP on port 110 when I try to retrieve inbound messages. I am able to send email using Thunderbird. Added to Thunderbird to firewall program list to "Allow" and still cannot connect although the "blocked" log entry is gone.


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Re: Norton 360 Premier Blocking Thunderbird Email

Close Thunderbird.  Open up the Program Control tab in the Norton Firewall settings, scroll to, and click to highlight, the entry for Thunderbird.  Click the "Remove" button, "Apply," and "OK."  When you restart Thunderbird, Norton will create new firewall rules for the program, and that should fix things.


Re: Norton 360 Premier Blocking Thunderbird Email

Thank you so much for this solution! I've been trying to solve this problem for hours and now finally it works!


Re: Norton 360 Premier Blocking Thunderbird Email

At 3:51 am on March 18, my email client stopped working. It runs on 10 minute schedule, downloading all updates. Only in the last hour has the problem been identified: N360.  I can only guess that an automatic update to N360 in the middle of the night caused the problem.

Symptoms are identical to the above description: port 110 is apparently blocked but 25 and 587 are open.  I can't download email to Eudora, Outlook 2013 or the latest Thunderbird, but I can send mail.

However, when I went to apply the solution above, I find that under firewall Eudora is already set to "Allow" (I presume that the software has changed since the instructions above), so the rules that says "Allow; direction in/out; computer any; communications any; protocol all" is not correct.  It seems to be allowing direction out but not direction in, contrary to the display.

I have had N360 installed on two computers, both experiencing the same symptoms. When I turned Smart Firewall off, no change in symptoms.  However, when I uninstalled N360 on one computer, it started working fine.

Both computers are Windows 7, N360 version, LiveUpdate Channel "traditional".


Re: Norton 360 Premier Blocking Thunderbird Email


Please run Live Update and update your N360 to version restarting as necessary Keep running Live Update until you see it say that there are no more updates available.

There was an issue with Norton products and Office 2013. This started with my Outlook around 2:30 PM EDT. It took me a while until I found the thread in the Forum describing the issue I was having. You could not open up any of  the Office parts.

The Office part of your issue was fixed by running Live Update. I tested some of the other parts of Office and they opened up. Some how about 46 minutes later, my son got my Outlook to work. He tried all kinds of things remotely on my computer, so not sure what he did to get it to work.


Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 282 Chrome latest version.

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