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Norton 360 Premium DEC for iOS 16.1.2

We know there was conflict between Norton and iOS 16.1.1. I upgraded to iOS 16.1.2 and updated Norton where it stopped the battery drain. (if I removed Norton I did not have problems with heat or battery drainage with 16.1.1). HOWEVER, we have not resolved all the problems: I am basing this question where once upon a time with iOS 15.0 and Norton 360 premium: I had every APP running and I was able to call & browse etc etc where my iPhone lasted +2 days. 1. The current problem is the battery drain between my provider (Vodafone) and the current version of Norton. Why when I am making a call of 5 minutes Norton runs 55 minutes, draining my battery by 4%? {I have switched-off background activities and there was no APP download etc etc} 2. The current problem is the battery drain between Safari (running Google) and the current version of Norton. Why when I am searching Safari-Google for 19 minutes Norton runs 38 minutes, draining my battery by 7%? {The sites I visited did not request any authorisation verifications, I made a point of this to check this and I was on a private-cloud network} Yes, for specific APPs, Norton is working hard because it is verifying and qualifying our security (based on our settings/profile controls). I will challenge the respected companies what they are doing, in my quest {I believe they have breached my terms and therefore Norton correctly is blocking my profile; GOOD JOB}. To be exact on the version:


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Re: Norton 360 Premium DEC for iOS 16.1.2

To make your life easier, disregard Norton's battery consumption figures and instead focus on its actual consumption. I've already explained this here.

I didn't notice any excessive battery drainage on iOS 16.1.1. Please check the battery condition of your iDevice, if it's below 80-85% or so it can be pretty possible the battery usage drops faster regardless of Norton. My carrier is T-Mobile and I don't have any excessive battery usage due to Norton being installed. So if you think your carrier (Vodafone) cases an issue with Norton, please approach their support for help. I also don't have any battery drain when making calls, using Safari + Google etc.

If you want to see how Norton affects your battery drain, please run a test:

Surfing web for say 20 minutes with Norton installed. Then uninstall Norton and do it again. For each test note the battery % before you start and at the test end. Compare the data to see if Norton is really excessively draining the battery. You can do the same test when calling, streaming etc.


Re: Norton 360 Premium DEC for iOS 16.1.2

Finally, I have found the admission from Apple where the conflict is between the career (in my case Vodafone with 5G service and international contract, these two elements are important) with Apple’s security service with their iOS; conflict with 5G service. The battery status is actually correct, sorry for correcting you; it qualifies what are the APP services being ‘interrupted’, the % or time is a reflection of a time stamp of when they are ‘open’ and ‘closed’ (I will not explain the programming terminology). Alas, it does not resolve the problem but explains the challenge with iOS because I do not have the same problem with my Android smartphone.

Re: Norton 360 Premium DEC for iOS 16.1.2

I'm glad you found out where the problem stems from.

JFI, below is explained how it works on iOS.

Battery usage statistics in iOS settings are calculated using an algorithm that considers multiple factors including the radio or the cellular data usage that an app initiates. When the Internet Security feature in Norton 360 app is enabled, it monitors all the Internet traffic on the device. Since Norton 360 app touches each network packet originating from any app that accesses Internet, iOS attributes the total Internet access time by any app to Norton 360 app. This behaviour results in inappropriately high battery usage being attributed to Norton 360 app in Battery usage statistics. The actual battery usage by Norton 360 app is far less than what is displayed.

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