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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton 360 problem AFTER upgrade Windows Explorer XP

Good Morning,

I have upgraded all three of my computers from Norton 360 to the latest free upgrade to Norton 360 2.

Two of my computers are Windows XP Home, one is Windows Vista Home.

The two Windows XP Home computers now are exhibiting the same problem. I have walked through with Tech Support with them even taking over my computer to try to work through for a solution. They experienced the same problem, but, did not come up with a solution yet. They have uploaded their diagnosis to themselves from my computer and are working on the problem.

I am hoping that perhaps one of you kind people have had the same problem, but, are able to offer a solution. Perhaps beating (not physically!   ) the Symantec Support staff.

Opening Windows Explorer, clicking on a folder, then selecting any file, after right-clicking on the file, I get a "Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

Clicking on "Debug" does not fix the problem. After clicking on "Don't Send" the Explorer windows closes.

The exact same thing happens to both XP computers, but, not the Vista computer.

I will appreciate any help resolving this problem.



Re: Norton 360 problem AFTER upgrade Windows Explorer XP

hi yomanjm - this one has come before the forums before. in previous cases, it was related to an application called PowerDesk, specifically version 7. here's the thread with the goodies:


if you don't have PD7, do you have some other 3rd party file manager application or another application that makes entries into the Context menu?


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Re: Norton 360 problem AFTER upgrade Windows Explorer XP

Greetings, Mel,

Thank you for the quick reply. The link is exactly what I was looking for.

I had PowerDesk 5 on my wife's computer and version 6 on mine. On the Vista computer I had neither. Explains, perhaps, why the Vista computer did not have this problem.

As far as the suggestions for editing the registry, neither solution worked. I had to uninstall the entire program from both computers.

The problem is resolved.

However, now all I have to do is resolve why the compter is so slow now. But, I have seen help on that subject.

Thank you again for being so kind and taking the time. You were a very big help!



Re: Norton 360 problem AFTER upgrade Windows Explorer XP

hi Joe - glad to help. if you continue to experience problems with slowness, please post back :)


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