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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton 360 Program Manager Masking Icon of the Seeing Eye Icon

Good day:

A as an owner of Norton 360 Deluxe security software, a question to Norton's vast user community:

Within the Norton software, is there a way to deselect Norton's masking Program Manager icon that it places over all other installed software program's "Email or User Name" and "Password" entry seeing eye icons?

Question's Basis:

  • In today's electronic world, is it is becoming standard practice to create passwords containing 20 (or more) charters of non-related upper-lower case letters, numbers, and keyboard special/non special charters.
  •  Since the typical software program's seeing eye icon is being Norton masked, it is very easy to make mistakes in typing such a long string of charters, thus the mistake is not known and worse not recognized until the underlining program denies password activation.
  • Even so, the user does not know where the mistake is within the previously typed entry, thus one is forced to blindly retype the entry/entries X-number of times until the correct input is achieved.  Added to this, various software programs limit the number of denied entries, thus locking out the user permanently or invoking some other means of verification.

Unfortunately, I'll answer my own question.  Please there has to be a compromise to this concern, because it affects us all:

  1.  You are using a security program -- What do you expect?
  2.  Totally trust the cloud/server-based Norton Password Manager "Vault" function for all password entries.
  3.   etc.  etc.  etc.

All inputs and comments are welcomed.