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norton 360 reinstall

I purchased Norton 360 with 3 seats.

All have been installed, however one of the computers is taking a dive.

Can I uninstall Norton and reinstall on a new computer we bought to replace it.

Will Norton see that it was uninstalled and will the Key Code work again.



Kudos3 Stats

Re: norton 360 reinstall

This should provide the information needed to remove a licence from your old PC and allow you to install on your new PC



Re: norton 360 reinstall


Please checkout the new computer to see if it came with a trial version of a security program. If it is a different one than the one you want to use, then you will  have to remove that trial program. First you will have to remove it from add/remove using the control panel method and then reboot. If it's from a different company, you will have to find the removal tool from that other company and use that removal tool to get out all of the deep leftovers of that trial program.

If the trial profram is the same program that you want to use, then you will have to enter your ket to that compter.. I'm not sure f even with the management program, if you will have to enter the key or not. Don't forget to run live update until there are no more updates to be installed.

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