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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton 360 Sign In - Cannot communicate with Norton Server

Hi All,

When attempting to sign in, my Norton360 reports the famous "Cannot connect to the Norton server - An unexpected browser error has occured". I don't know when the issue started to appear.

Interestingly, LiveUpdate works well, and when looking at my account at Norton.com, my PC is correctly reported as seen recently. So - I assume - Norton works correctly, except that it can't sign in...

My PC runs Win10, version 1903.

I searched the net and tried all the solutions I found: I uninstalled Sonic Studio (my MoBo is an Asus), I tried all browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge), I ran the Norton diagnostics, removed and reinstalled Norton, the issue is still there. I don't have Nahimic which has been reported in the past as causing this issue.

So I contacted Norton support and chatted with an agent, initials S.B.. He took over remotely, looked around, changed my DNS (I was using CloudFlare), removed Norton and reinstalled, and then - just disconnected without any kind of message. Disappointing...he probably got to a time limit !!

So has anybody here an idea on where to look further? Are there any known incompatibilities with other sw? I don't think I'm using special sw except maybe the Dashlane password manager.

So any hint or idea would be very welcome!