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This forum thread needs a solution.

norton 360 turned off?

I'm running Win7 on a relatively new PC (less than a year old). Until this past week, Norton 360 seemed to be running fine. A day or two ago, I noticed my graphics program behaving oddly - taking a super long time to complete commands it usually runs quickly - so I ran a couple of scans (quick, and then a complete scan). Norton 360 kept crashing. It would run the scan, then it would crash at the very end.

One scan did complete and I thought everything was okay. Today, I got the little red x in the tray saying there were issues with my computer and that I should open the "Action Center". I did and what it tells me is that firewall, antivirus and antispyware are all turned off. I've tried multiple times to turn them on, but the command never completes from the Action Center. Basically, I click and nothing happens.

So I searched a bit and ran the Norton uninstall/reinstall thing. It uninstalled fine, but would not reinstall. Error messages. So I manually reinstalled it after running Power Eraser. PE didn't find anything wrong except to take out one of my programs (that I will have to reinstall later - a little thing called Jutoh that converts Word files to ebooks).

I also ran the Microsoft Support Emergency Response Tool, and it found nothing. I then downloaded and ran malwarebytes free version and found nothing. I ran quick scans with Norton 360 and have found nothing, but still the Action Center insists it is turned off.

I searched this forum a few times and found that there was a similar issue with Win8 and Win10, but I'm running Win7. So... what else can I do? Also, is it possible that Win7 did some kind of update that now makes the Action Center messages unreliable? If so, what can I do to be reassured that my Norton 360 really is working???

I've lost 4 hours of work this morning to this crap and I'm not happy. I have deadlines to meet and this IS NOT HELPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Re: norton 360 turned off?

Hi Cris,

There has been a Product Update to v.22.5.5, as per this Announcement after which it seems that other users have had the Windows Action Center issue you are reporting. A KB Article has been created to fix it: Windows Action Center reports that Norton is turned off after I update my Norton product

Please let us know if it helped to fix your problem. 

Windows 7 HP SP1 32-bit | Chrome 65.0.3325.146 | NS

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