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Norton 360 v 3 can't sync with Vista Mobile

After I upgraded from v2 to v3 of Norton 360 I can’t sync my PDA with Windows Mobile Sync on Windows Vista. Everything worked fine on V2.



Re: Norton 360 v 3 can't sync with Vista Mobile

Hi zuluzkiller ,


Disable the Smart Firewall from Norton 360 (Right-click on Norton icon from system tray and select Disable Smart Firewall) and check whether you can sync your PDA. If you are able to sync PDA after disabling the firewall, you have to configure your Smart Firewall accordingly.

1. Start Norton 360. 
2. Click Settings.  
3. Click Firewall.  
4. On the Programs Rules tab, click Add.

5. Navigate to the Microsoft ActiveSync installation folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\ if installed in C drive with default settings).

6. Click the WCESMgr.exe, and then click Open.

7. Select the Access to Allow.

8. Click OK. Perform the same steps for these files:

    - Wcescomm.exe
    - Rapimgr.exe
    - CEAPPMGR.exe

9. Click Close.

Let us know the results.



Re: Norton 360 v 3 can't sync with Vista Mobile

Thanks for replay. I can’t sync even when firewall is disabled. I know that my device works, work before upgraded stopped immediately after upgrade, also I can still sync my music with WMP11 but not other things, outlook etc. Windows Mobile Device Center is trying to connect but than fails. I’m running Windows Vista so you solutions do not seem to apply as Vista includes Mobile Device Centre and I could not find any files that you mention. I did re-installed Mobile Device Centre but no luck.


Re: Norton 360 v 3 can't sync with Vista Mobile

Disable the AutoProtect also, and then check whether you can sync with your Mobile. If possible, check with your Mobile vendor/support and get the information about the ports used for communication. Then make sure that those ports are not blocked by Norton program.
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Re: Norton 360 v 3 can't sync with Vista Mobile

Ok after messing about a bit I ended up removing drivers from the device manager that were related to Mobile Center. After rebooting drivers were re-installed automatically and after that sync seems to work fine.


Re: Norton 360 v 3 can't sync with Vista Mobile


Thanks very much for sharing your solution to this. I had the exact same issue where after Norton 360 v.3.0 is installed my device was no longer able to synch (Win Vista Laptop/Windows Mobile Device Center). By uninstalling the device when connected to the laptop through the Device Manager (and deleting associated drivers) I was able to have the device reinstall by disconnecting then reconnecting. Didn't even have to reboot for once which is rare with Windows. :) Hopefully this is a permanent fix as I don't know why but the Norton 360 v.3.0 installer definitely seems to do something funny here.

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