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Norton 360 v3 Installation over existing Ghost 14.0 & NIS 2009

I am wondering if I should install Norton 360 v3 on a PC that already has Ghost 14.0 and NIS 2009 installed. Not sure if it matters but Ghost 14.0 was installed first and then NIS 2009; both are functioning fine on this PC.

If it is ok to install, would it allow me to not install the (equivalent) components like antivirus, backup etc. and allow me to choose some components that I would like to use/install.

The reason for installing Norton 360 v3 even though I have Ghost & NIS is to use the 360 dashboard and 2GB online storage and may other features that are not in the other softwares.

Another question:

Would the 2GB free storage feature stop working after the first year of installing 360?

Thanks in advance.



Re: Norton 360 v3 Installation over existing Ghost 14.0 & NIS 2009

Hi anila,


There is no custom installation in Norton 360 where you can choose the components. You may have to install the complete product. Also, when you install Norton 360, it will automatically uninstall NIS 2009 since Norton 360 has all the same components. In general, you need a valid Norton 360 subscription for Online backup to work. Therefore, you have to renew the subscription of Norton 360 to use the Online Storage. Normally, data removal happens after 30 days from the product expiration if the product is not renewed. You can restore the data stored from the Online Storage within that time period. An email notification will be send to your email address with the expiration date. This will provide information on when the removal of data from Online Storage will happen. 



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