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Norton 360 v3.5 Windows 7 Compatibility Release and Patch - Issues & Hot Fix

Symantec attempted to deploy a patch to update all users to the latest revision of our Norton 360 software, version  While for many this patch was deployed without a hitch, for others the experience was not as good.  As a result of the input collected from many members of this forum, we have an understanding of what area caused the problems and have a hot fix available to get your current patch stabilized:


We have decided to remove the current product patch and are quickly working on a new one that incorporates the changes made within the hot fix.  As soon as the new patch is available for downloading, we will let you know.  Our apologies for those of you that experienced problems resulting from this patch, and our many thanks to those of you who have patiently helped us identify the cause through your feedback and log submissions.