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Norton 360 V4 Extremely slow back up

I've just purchased a new norton 360 v4, I previously had v 3. When I now do a back up, its taking forever to do, practically a whole day!

No additional software has been added but this new version is taking 10x longer to do a back up.

Can someone please help me

Many thanks



Re: Norton 360 V4 Extremely slow back up

Can you please give us some extra info:

- How did you removed v3? Did you used the Norton Removal Tool, or just installed v4 over v3?

- Is it a backup to the secure online storage?

- How big (megabyte) the backup is?

- If you do the backup to the online storage, what kind of internet access and speed do you have? /DSL, ISDN, modem, etc/

- Which Windows OS and Service Pack do you run?


Windows 10 Hungarian, Norton Internet Security v22.9.0.71

Re: Norton 360 V4 Extremely slow back up

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