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Norton 360 VPN absolutely refusing to turn on (Nov 5, 2023)

Hello, ( Just did a live update of 360, Still refusing to turn on)

VPN was previously requiring a restart (occasionally) of my Windows 7 (fully updated). Then VPN ran well for a couple of weeks

VPN was running properly for most of this year (2023). This is very troubling to me, running online without a VPN. (No error code, just refuses to turn on (manually or automatically at computer morning turn on).

Can anyone help me with straightening this out? Thanks. 

I did not try changing the VPN country, fearing logging in improperly on important websites.



Re: Norton 360 VPN absolutely refusing to turn on (Nov 5, 2023)

I would guess your problem lies with Windows 7. 


Re: Norton 360 VPN absolutely refusing to turn on (Nov 5, 2023)


I think your suggestion is a possible one, although I have always run Norton 360 on my "older" HP Desktop computer with no major problem to this day.. except two or three boot ups lately, requiring a Windows Restart to get the VPN to become available.

My computer is at a point where I can't upgrade to a newer version of Windows. However I am using Windows 7 SP1 as required by Norton, and is still listed as a System Supported on the new boxes and cards in the stores.

An odd coincidence is that this occurred on the day in the U.S. when clocks had to be turned back one hour. Also on computers and phones. Also, after a failed chat with an assistant here, I clicked once more (on the desktop) on an automatic Scan to solve the the problem and it offered to fix them (many problems). After this, Norton 360 restarted and the VPN was automatically there.

Problem could possibly return again. I hate the stress caused by computers... Best Wishes to you, and hope that others here can give me their opinion on this. Robert.


Re: Norton 360 VPN absolutely refusing to turn on (Nov 5, 2023)

I concur with xjoex that Windows 7 is most, if not all the cause of the issue you are experiencing. Windows 7 hasn't been supported by Microsoft for some time now. It is no longer getting security and other system updates that modern software require to correctly function. A word from Norton regarding "maintenance mode" for older versions of Windows:

Please keep in mind  that on Windows 7, ANY software that is updated always requires a restart of the system for Windows to properly apply them. That may have been the larger part of your issue.


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Re: Norton 360 VPN absolutely refusing to turn on (Nov 5, 2023)

Hello and thanks for the response, SoulAsylum,

I know that the time is almost up for my computer. It works cleanly and trouble free. The Firefox will need higher Chrome type browsers in September of next year.

There is still mention by Norton about Windows 7 SP1, which I have, being supported.

"We have moved Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 SP0 (Service Pack 0) versions of our security software into Maintenance Mode."

There is also a mention of Windows 7 with SP1 still being on the supported list with newer Windows versions.

I still have programs I like very much which will become unusable when I finally decide to give up on this computer. I lost the use of my favorite  music player (Musicmatch) when I came over to windows 7.

Thanks to all here! Norton 360 VPN was on when I booted up this morning ( But I know the facts of life, computer problems can always continue and make you crazy)!


(Also on that page).... "Your Norton security software will no longer receive the new product updates that the customers on supported versions of Windows (Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 SP1) will receive."

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