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Norton 360 when will it run Native on the Mac

I use a MacBook Pro M1 with MacOs 12. I will not renew my subscription until there is a MacOs Native version of Norton 360.  When will a Native version be available?


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Re: Norton 360 when will it run Native on the Mac

I would like to see this too as there will be a point in time where Rosetta will go away. I'm going to play a bit of devil's advocate here, however.

Given that Rosetta 2 translated applications have shown to run with performance close to native, what benefit do you expect to see with a fully native Norton? Intel applications are translated by Rosetta 2 ahead of time and only once  - there's no "dynamic Intel instruction set emulation" going on that would suck performance down the tubes.

(I'm not a Norton employee nor a Norton shill. I have complaints about the product but they span both Intel and Apple Silicon platforms. I'm looking at this from a practical standpoint).

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