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Norton 5 and IE9 64 bit, 32 can't find

I don't see IE 8 32 bit  on my Windows 7 64 bit PC. I know that IE 8 is 64 bit that I am using and Norton 5 is fine with that,. I don't know whether I should be downloading IE 9, because I don't know whether I will se IE 9 32 bit. I heard Norton 5 and IE9 64 bit is not compatibe;. So, when will Symatec release a patch to offset this problem with 64 bit machines. I heard in May, is that correct?



Re: Norton 5 and IE9 64 bit, 32 can't find

Hello Bobcat1

Please see this kb for more information. Thanks.


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Re: Norton 5 and IE9 64 bit, 32 can't find

Hi Bobcat1,

You are probably using the 32-bit version of IE8, as that is the default.  You would need to specifically launch the 64-bit IE in order to use it.  If you look in Help > About Internet Explorer it will say 64-bit, if that is the version you are using.  If it does not specify what version it is, then you are using the 32-bit flavor.  Norton's add-ons are not compatible with any 64-bit version.  Neither are a lot of other vendor's add-ons, including some provided by Microsoft.  Whether using IE8 or IE9, you should stick with the 32-bit browser until there is more widespread support for the 64-bit model.

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