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Norton 5.4 Update - Weirdness

FYI -  I just installed this new update, but there was some weirdness associated with the update process in my case.  When I booted my Mac, I saw that the icons had changed in the menu bar but not in the dock.  So I launched the Antivirus, and it was plain that the interface had changed, but  the sizing of the boxes on the left-hand side of the window obscured parts of the icons which looked very strange.  So, I selected Live Update, and restarted, and then it completed the update successfully.  

I am running Mountain Lion on a Macbook Pro.

Thanks for the update!!



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Re: Norton 5.4 Update - Weirdness

Apple's Dock application caches the icons. Sometimes you have to logout and log back in, and sometimes the Dock fixes itself.

It's also possible you didn't receive all the updates at first. When we post an update, Akamai (our content provider) replicates that content onto different different servers around the world, so some customers that update right away may only get some of the updates while Akamai copies all the updates to all of their servers. Usually this process takes 10-15 minutes but sometimes can take an hour depending on Internet speeds. It's also possible Hurricane Sandy has slowed down Akamai replication down in some parts of the country.

Enjoy the new features!

Ryan McGann Technical Director Norton Business Unit, Symantec
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Re: Norton 5.4 Update - Weirdness

Thanks for the info.  Everything seems fine, I was posting it more as an fyi in case anyone else encountered the problem and was baffled.  I sure was!

No biggie, especially in light of all the hurricane-related problems in the Northeast.

Thanks again!

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