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Norton advertising pop-ups

I AM FED UP with these advertising pop-ups. And no easy way of getting through to support to make my opinion clear. That's why I'm here.

If this goes on, I shall be quitting Norton after many years of regular subscription.

If says, 9 programs are slowing you down. CORRECTION : ONE program is slowing me down, and that's NORTON !

It says, Don't show me again, but it does, more and more often. This behaviour is getting to resemble that of a virus. SHUT UP NORTON or it's good-bye.



Re: Norton advertising pop-ups

Norton has become bloatware.  Neither do I want another cloud backup, nor do I want another password manager, but Norton seems to think I do and incessantly advertises to me for them.  I want virus protection.  That is all.  Otherwise, I will find a provider that will provide me what I want.

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