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Norton and Defender screwed up after MS update

I have W10 Home and Norton for security. I therefore do not normally have Windows Defender running. But in routine MS updates over the last week, two Windows Defender  updates (KB4052623 and KB2267602) were installed.  This has screwed up my system.  In particular, in W10 settings Norton's AV has been turned off in favour of Defender's, although Norton claims to be running AV too.  Norton's firewall remains turned on and Defender's off.  I am unable to turn it all back in settings.  Any advice here?  I am inclined to uninstall Norton and reinstall, hoping that it will turn off Defender properly again.


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Re: Norton and Defender screwed up after MS update

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Norton, and everything is back to normal.  That is the second time in 2019 that I have had to do this after a Windows update.  Both MS and Norton should be concerned, as users are driven away by such things. 

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