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Norton and LifeLock issues

Since Norton has acquired LifeLock, trying to get answers and issues concerning decade old Lifelock subscription is impossible.  I logged into my LifeLock account (now NortonLifelock) trying to get support (chat) to find out why a second house purchased has never shown up on my report and title protection.  Was informed by the chat person that Norton could not help, as they have a special team just for LifeLock.  But you cannot chat, etc with this supposed LifeLock team and the chat person only handles Norton issues.

You acquired LifeLock, Yet Norton provides no support (chat, email, etc) that will allow a LifeLock member to have someone look into why a purchased house is not showing up on their account.  This is not good and bad business.

If I cannot contact someone from LifeLock that can look into my issue (Norton stated they cannot), then I will find another company to do business with.  Lifelock was great and responsive before Norton acquired them and destroy that great customer service.


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Re: Norton and LifeLock issues

Sorry, I have no experience with LifeLock by Norton. 

I imagine LifeLock by Norton users call number/s listed on LifeLock by Norton contact page.


Member Services and Support
Visit the secure LifeLock member portal or My Norton for self-service options and quick answers to most questions.

LifeLock Customer Service - 1-800-LifeLock - 1 (800) 543-3562
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection services - 855-993-1976
Cybersecurity department for LifeLock - 800-745-6061

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Learn more about Home Title Notifications from LifeLock

Learn what to do if your property is not listed in your LifeLock report


Re: Norton and LifeLock issues

jkesr, it seems to be becoming standard practice for Norton to acquire other products like the disatrous Norton Driver Updater that bricks people's PC's and offer minimal to no support when things go wrong. 

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