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Norton Anti-Theft release notification - June 2012

Hi everyone-

I'm happy to announce that we have just updated Norton Anti-Theft with a couple of new features. We have improved the security of our service (for select laptops) by partnering with Intel and now offer the ability to try out Norton Anti-Theft for a 7-day trial period. We have also made the service ready to be sold outside the United States and there will be announcements soon to let you know when Norton Anti-Theft is available in your country.

Check out the posting about Intel Anti-Theft to learn more: Intel Anti-Theft feature

As mentioned, you can now try the product out for a period of 7 days. Just go to https://antitheft.norton.com and click on the "Try it for free" link as shown below:

So tell your friends to try the product out for themselves now!

As always, we welcome your feedback. Thanks for your time!

Best regards,

Joe Keehnast

Senior Product Manager

Consumer Business Unit, Symantec Corporation