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Norton AntiSpam for Outlook Not Working

Recently, Comcast had required it's users to change the ports for checking and sending email to SMTP 465 and POP3 995 when using Outlook Express to send and recieve email. Unfortunatly, the Norton Security Suite that is included as part of the Comcast subscription will not monitor those ports. The fact that those ports are secure ports that already block malicious attatchments is little comfort when I recieve several hundred spam emails a day without Norton's anti-spam feature working.

Is there any way to 'force' Norton to monitor those ports, or perhaps send the incomming emails through a different port that Norton will monitor?



Re: Norton AntiSpam for Outlook Not Working

Hi TheDeinoyncThus,


Welcome to the Norton forums.


Please try the following steps to add the port numbers you want monitored by Norton Antispam.


From the main UI, click Settings. Under Detailed Settings, click Anti Spam. 

In the Filter tab, click on Configure [+].

Click the Add button, and you can enter the port number, that you want monitored.


Hopefully this helps resolve your issue. Do let us know if it works.




Live Long and Prosper :)

Re: Norton AntiSpam for Outlook Not Working

That's how I tried to add the new ports for my Norton Anti-spam to monitor and filter, however Norton says that it can not monitor those prots because they are being used by a program other than the supported email programs. I have not changed email programs since I started using Norton (only the ports that Comcast require us to use has changed) and I am not aware of any other programs set up to use those ports. The port numbers in question are port 995 for POP3 and port 465 for SMTP.


Re: Norton AntiSpam for Outlook Not Working

Hi TheDeinonycThus,

Norton is not able to scan the encrypted traffic on these secure ports,  As an alternative, do you have Comcast's spam filtering enabled?  I am not a Comcast subscriber, but I believe this is the link for that preference:


Also, just to clarify something else you said:  these secure ports do not block malware, but they do prevent anyone from eavesdropping on your email session and reading your mail.  Norton's email virus scanning is also negated by the encryption, but that is not a concern - AutoProtect will still fully protect you from any malicious attachments.  Email scanning is simply a redundant feature that is not critical to your protection.

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