Norton-Antitheft for Windows PC's available?

Yes is there anyway in the future we could get a Norton-Anti-theft for Windows PC's.

*Real-time GPS Location /w real sms location update / when it's connected to internet.

*Real-time sms current device (your stolen device),

IP address notifier / when connected to internet.

**Real-time Change Windows password /w locking out perpetrator**

*Take a webcam snapshot // sms .png directly to mobile number

*encrypt all personal files with password

*Custom pop-up message notifier

*Set BIOS admin password 

*Change/Remove/Destroy current bootable UEFI method. (Destroy, aka Rendering the OS Un-bootable for x period or permenant amount of time). /w restore file if needed.

Anyway if you guys could work on that as a project. I would def consider trying it our and I'm sure your sales would increase as well. Thank you!

Norton Product Name:

Norton-Anti-theft 2020 for Windows7/8.1/10 // MacOS.

Possible IOS installation as well as android? thank you looking forward to your product soon.

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