Norton Antitrack only works after initial install

I was offered a free trial of Antitrack, good until my Norton 360 renewal period next year.  I installed it. Started it up.  Seemed to be working okay.  Next time I started up my laptop and opened Antitrack it did nothing but display the spinning wheel or whatever that is on startup of the product. it never gets past that until it eventually pumps out an error - see attached.  The solution to fix it says uninstall and reinstall.  I've done that numerous times over the past month or more. Still the same result.  Next uninstall will be the final one or the real fix.  I will not be paying for a product that is not reliable and does not work with any consistency.  I thought Norton may have picked up on this issue and addressed it or at least acknowledged it but I don't see any evidence of that.  I've used Norton products for many years but as Neil Young might say if he was using Antitrack, "It's a piece of crap".  


Accepted Solution

Re: Norton Antitrack only works after initial install

Have you disabled Norton Anti Track at startup items? This will make it not start at startup, but it should be able to open via the link next to the time. If it doesnt work try uninstall, reboot, and follow these exact steps to re-install: Hope it helps!

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