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Norton Antivirus crashed my iMac

My iMac running El Capitan has been crashing and "beach balling" several times a day.  Since I've uninstalled Norton 360, I no longer have these problems.  Is there anyway to make Norton work with El Capitan?  Or should I just cancel it?



Re: Norton Antivirus crashed my iMac

Hello @Darrent_G,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Generally Norton 360 supports till El Capitan version (unto latest OSX10.11.4). At this point, I am not sure which version of N360 MD you use, its better you use the latest version of Norton 360 (Version: 5.9) which can be downloaded from www.norton.com/latestnismac. You can activate the new product with the same key that you possess.

Please let me know in case of any questions, in this regard.




Re: Norton Antivirus crashed my iMac

"Generally Norton 360 supports till El Capitan"  ??  I'm sorry but you're going to have to be far more specific and energetic.

A month ago I upgraded my MacBookPro 13" (early 2011 8GB RAM) - yes I waited 6 months before taking the risk.  After the usual teething troubles with "kexts" I installed Norton security on the MBP.  I did this because I had had a Norton 360 freebie on my Win 10 machine, which when renewed said I could install on Win, Mac and/or mobile device (3 devices).

I then installed smaller upgrades to os/x 10.11.1. Got to 10.11.3 MBP would not re-boot. After 1 week's worth of workarounds and still no boot-up, (meaning machine completely unusable) I took it to the genius bar in the Apple Store Sydney city, where after 2.5 hours they showed me quite clearly (by streaming boot and startup code to the screen) that it kept hanging on "Norton Security".  In the process I became very aware of how little Apple "geniuses" know about Windows xx.xx, which in today's world is highly unacceptable, since communication and education practitioners like myself must use both systems (and sometimes others besides.  

This surprised me enormously, as I am assiduous at keeping up with forums, and there has been no mention of os/x 10.11.xx boot-up hanging in conjunction with Norton Security anywhere!!!  

Please note that at renewal your website stated that the product "Norton 360" would now be called "Norton Security" in Australia, so I am not writing at cross-purposes, even though replies from Norton in this thread refer to "Norton 360" as still existing in mid-2016.

So, I don't believe Norton products of the kind just mentioned support El Capitan and it revisions at all. Can you provide any hard evidence that you do???   For example, are you willing to provide a carry-in service for Macs that have ceased to function?

I think you will gather from the tenor and detail of this post (and the weeks that have gone by), that the “Norton Security” product is very close to a breach of fair trading and/or trade practices laws – it is illegal to promote and sell products which are unfit for the purposes the manufacturer says they were made for…….




Re: Norton Antivirus crashed my iMac

I too have had tremendous, time-consuming problems with Premium on a Mac (2014 MacBook Pro retina 13") running El Capitan. The system at this point was new - had purchased the unit 2 weeks prior as refurbished under factory warranty. It has a relatively fast (2.8) i7 processor.

Required 5 hours with online Chat tech support to install Norton Premium software, attempt to download virus definitions, freeze, uninstall software, reinstall, again attempt to download definitions, then repeat.

Since installation my Mac repeatedly hangs up (rotating colored ball), freezes (have had to force quit several applications and, on several occasions, entire computer), and my Calendar and Contacts have been disconnected several times from Google.com.

Various functions have been running very slowly - such as file management. I've often had to wait for a menu to appear, or for files to appear as I use Finder.

I hope I won't have to uninstall Norton, but I can't afford to waste so much time and potentially damage my system.


Re: Norton Antivirus crashed my iMac

I've given up on Norton.  I've uninstalled it and ran the Norton uninstall utilities.  I haven't had any issues since.  Hopefully I won't get a virus, but Norton seems as bad anyway.  And apparently Norton introduces security vulnerabilities.

I need to find some virus detection software that scans my files periodically but doesn't install all the realtime kernel corrupting stuff.


Re: Norton Antivirus crashed my iMac

Although one should always take online reviewers with a mountain-sized grain of salt, there seems to be some strong support for one of two solutions:

  1. Skip antivirus entirely (not so wise when one receives email etc. from others, it seems to me), or
  2. Avira http://www.tomsguide.com/us/best-antivirus,review-2588-6.html

I'm going to try the latter now.


Re: Norton Antivirus crashed my iMac

I too gave up on norton's buggy osx software. Avira is a good free AV and they are in the works of making Avira Pro for mac. Im right now running Sophos Home that is also FREE. Check them both out and stay far away from Norton for mac until they get this junk fixed.

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