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Norton Antivirus process constantly restarting with heavy CPU usage

I noticed yesterday my Norton Antivirus is taking up a lot of CPU resources without ever stopping. It peaks full usage of a CPU core (25% as I have 4) only to within a 5 seconds interval close the process, create a new one, peak in CPU usage, closing the process again, starting up a new process and so forth...

This is not caused by any other program usage. I've done a fresh reboot of Windows 10 and the same thing repeats. I've not seen this behavior before and I always have Windows Task Manager in the system tray so I see if something consumes resources. I assume its the result of a recent Norton upgrade. I've opened Norton Antivirus to see what it is doing and its not performing any scheduled scans of any sort.

I include two screenshots of the Task Manager. These are taken with some seconds apart and you can see the heavy CPU consuming process has changed its id as its a new process that has been started.



Re: Norton Antivirus process constantly restarting with heavy CPU usage

Hello Benke. What is your version and build on Windows 10? Are you x86 or x64, Home or Pro version? Do you have any external storage devices connected to the computer? And do you use any other disk maintenance tools on the system that are loading at boot?


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