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Norton App lock

I could not get past app lock to open the settings. It would not accept the pin or fingerprint. It would not let me change the passcode by signing into my Google account to authenticate and make a change. Looked like a dead end.

However,  I thought maybe downloading it again might work. Went to the Play Store and searched for Norton App Lock. The page opened up with a choice of "Open" or "uninstall", and uninstall took 5 seconds and solved the problem.

Not sure if I want to try and reinstall yet.

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Re: Norton App lock

This actually seems to point out a possible security issue with App Lock. If it allowed you to uninstall without using the PIN, it is a way to bypass the protection provided by App Lock.

When I just checked with Google Play Store app, this is what I saw. I was not able to uninstall the app.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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