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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton App Lock & Apps in Recent App List!


I am searching solution for following conditions.

I & my friend using same device. For some apps I use Norton App Lock so my friend can not use without my permission & I feel privacy security etc.

1. If I use 'Lock Recent App List' in Norton App Lock, & user keep open lots of apps which allow to him, user can not clear unusing apps after using it few mins or hours. As I observed lots of apps keep running if it in Recent App List even properly Close. So every time Clear Recent App List is necessary.

2. If I not use 'Lock Recent App List' in Norton App Lock, then user can not open Locked apps, but can see little bit updated info by clicking in 'Recent App List' example Facebook app. I keep locked, so friend can not open it but see my page in 'Recent App List'.

Question is:-

 1. How to avoid this problem? Is this as improvement needed in 'Norton App Lock'?

I need as I see Lock screen in FB, same screenshot should show in Recent App List, not unlocked FB.

For reference I attached 2 screenshots.

Need Guidance.


Mandar Khire

Labels: Privacy



Re: Norton App Lock & Apps in Recent App List!

Check the manual for your device to see if it allows you to set up individual user accounts on the device. If so, set up a user account for your friend. Have him use only that account and the App Lock  on your apps will not affect his use of apps in his account. Then you can password protect your account so he/she cannot access your user account at all.

If that is not possible on your device, you can go ahead and set the lock for the recent apps list. Then your friend should be able to just use the icons from the regular screens to regain access to an app that would be in the recent app list. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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