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Norton Autofix hardly ever works (bug?)

Norton 360 (latest), Win 7 Pro (latest).  I prefer to run Autofix via Main Page > Help Center > Get Support.  At this point, the Autofix server borks and never completes.  I rarely achieve a connection to it and I know that it's not a connection problem on my end.  Sometimes if I try to connect enough times it will respond ... most of the time, not.  Like just this instant, I tried for the fourth time and it connected.  Are there so many people trying to get support that it borks the server?  [Bad scene for the server and Norton's reputation]  Or, have you been under a DDoS attack?  Live Update works like a dream.  For that reason, network testing, and general Web response with other programs, I conclude that it's the server.  BAD server!  No biscuits for you!  - Art

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