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Norton back up


 Is it possible to back up just a single folder that I choose using Norton Backup? It seems to select masses of folders without my input and not give me the option to just pick just one folder I actually want to back up. It seems so blunt an instrument I think it might be unusable. The 'help' is pretty uninformative also.

  Is it really not very good or am I missing something simple?


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Re: Norton back up

Did you Create New Set -> What | Where | When?
Did you use Add or exclude files and folders?

Add or exclude files and folders in your backup sets


Re: Norton back up

Turn on Norton backup from Settings window

Get started using Norton Cloud Backup

Delete backup set and files

Manage backup files on Norton Backup Drive

Modify settings for or rename your Norton Backup sets

Add or exclude files and folders in your backup sets

View or change the default file types or file extensions that Norton includes in backups

Restore pictures, music, or other important files from Norton backup sets

Choose the location of the files to be restored before running Norton Backup

Fix problems with storage space in Cloud Backup

Norton video tutorials - Backup and Restore

Norton Products: How-To Video Hub


Re: Norton back up

Thank you! I will tried this!

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