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norton backup


 I had an Acer Aspire 5315.and an Norton 360 installed on,recently i've physiclly dameged my hard drive,and lost all the data i've had on my laptop. I've used in the last 3 years the Norton antivirus with the back up,and i just wonder if is there any chance to recover my files somehow,because to be fair i just have lost 3 years of my life nad all the papers i desperatelly need!

  The guys from the service shop they've said that they can try to recover it but is gonna take a long time and is gonna be verry expensive.

  Can anyone help me!!!




Re: norton backup

Take a look at the below knowlegebase article. This should help you re-attach the old set to the new computer if you have already reinstalled Norton 360. You can then restore the data once the directions are followed. You can find directions on how to restore the data from the in product help. If you do need additional assistance beyond that please post back to this thread.

Cannot find backup sets when I try to restore files in Norton 360

Note that once you start a restore it may take a bit of time to complete. It has to re-compile all of your data from the various incremental backups performed. If it sits at zero percent in preparing its not an error but is working. Best to start it and let it run unless it specifically errors out on its own.

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