Norton Backup extremely slow!!

Norton Backup is extremely slow, purchased 3 days ago, third day trying now and cant back up 15GB, takes a day to back up 2%?? Please help?



Re: Norton Backup extremely slow!!


The speed of the backup and restore have many factors to consider. Three of the big ones are:

  • Where you're located in relation to the data center.
  • The overall amount of data you have selected for backup.
  • The upload speed provided by your ISP.

We can figure out the first one with a traceroute. I'd need your IP address to have our Ops team run it or I can provide you with the basics to do it if you prefer to handle it.


The second one we know the answer: 15 GB.


The third item you'd have to provide. Most ISPs advertise a blazing fast download speed but they cut the upload speed.

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