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Norton Backup Primer

Hello all, I've been a Symantec/Norton user since Peter used to stand there with his arms folded, waiting for Windows to boot. I finally, I believe, accomplished a successful full system backup.

I'm wondering if there is any online help on how to easily, comfortably, and non painful way to learn all there is to know about Backup.

My main concern is I don't see an easy way to assuage my paranoia about my backup being "complete". I wanted my entire root drive backed up in case disaster, with the possibility of a restore ensured.

Any feedback, direction, solace would be appreciated.

Thanks Community!



Re: Norton Backup Primer

Norton is not really designed as a product to do full system backups. It is designed to save user data to online or local storage.  If you want to do a full system backup, there are many options including the Windows backup(link is external), or other 3rd party disc imaging software. I have been using Macrium Reflect(link is external) free version to image my hard drives. Others here many have other suggestions.



Re: Norton Backup Primer

I have Backup configured to backup one folder with 200Gb data on "Automatic" schedule. I saw the red "x", opened Backup, and it tells me nothing besides my data is at risk! The last time the backup ran (a month ago, according to the Manage Backup Sets window) it said there were errors, and I scanned the list of 40K files at the time and gave up because all said they were backed up.

So I checked the NAS drive, plenty of space, and a huge folder in the N360 folder date stamped today. My understanding was that only the files that change are backed up. So I started a backup and 10 hours later it was only 5% complete. I watched some of the files displayed as they were being backed up and all were old and had been backed up previously. Why is Norton backing those up again? Why will the backup take 200 hours? I've got to make a living with my workstation and this is nuts.

Continuing my rant, why are the backup folders labeled with codes? Because files are compressed to save space? Are you kidding? I'm only backing up 200Gb on a 4 Tb NAS, so why compress the files? All I want is for Backup to send a copy of any file I add or change to my NAS; can't that be done simply, every time I close a file?

So, why should I continue to use this agonizingly slow, mysterious archive naming program? How can I get Backup to work efficiently? Surely one of the Forum Members, as above, has had similar problems and either found a way to fix it or found a better, simpler program, like Backup995 that actually is intuitive and WORKS..


Re: Norton Backup Primer

Mark, I agree with bjm_. It's easier to not use Backup, but use a program like Macrium Reflect which is used by many posters on this forum.

You don't have to use all of Norton's features, so pick an appropriate program for your back ups.

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