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Norton Blocks my Printer - Vulnerability

I use osx 10.5.6 and NAV11 and and HP ink jet printer. 

I can no longer print on my wireless network. I am going through a linksus router that has been "extended" to print and play music with an Airport Express. When I print Norton terminates the communication with the printer:

Vulnerability Blocked: PORTSCAN, mac address of the airport express, incoming.

How do I disable this particular channel or port so I can actually use my printer again?




Re: Norton Blocks my Printer - Vulnerability

hi cbdb--

The portscan block is most likely not related to your networked printer issue--it's blocking a different threat.

So, here's what to do:

1 - go to your history and look at your connection bocking and/or application blocking logs---there should be a blocked event that has something to do with preinter or a printer application... take a screen shot and post it here if you like and we go over it together if it's not obviously labelled

2 - if it's an application (like a desktop printer or something) double click on the entry. a little window will come up. Click on "show in finder" so you can select the application

3 - in the firewall, open up Application blocking and drag and drop the application to the list, so it will be allowed.

4 - if it's a connection that's being blocked, you'll basically do the same thing--look at the blocked connection, go to the firewall pane, and cick on "Connection blocking" and use the "assist me" to add the server to the allowed list.  Just click Assist me and add that port to be allowed.

I bet it's an application, though.  

If you want, you can try turning off PortScan protection first--go to the "Advanced Settings" pane, click on Vulnerability protection, go to the Signatures and do a search for PortScan. Then Disable that signature and try printing.  

Let me know what happens. I will also ask Nick or Ryan to look at your message to see if they can add more information.



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